Monday, May 19, 2008

A little something personal

I so wanted to get off medication as I am beginning to show the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. I showed my psychiatrist the problems with my quivering tongue and she suggested tongue exercises! (And they think we should respect them). On the Bonkers Institute site, Ben Hansen has this accurate quote (forget who said it and too lazy to look it up): "Psychiatry is to medicine as Astrology is to Astronomy."

I have to have gall bladder surgery on Friday and I am hoping they give me too much anesthetic and I can exit this cruel world before I am a jerking fool who cannot think of enough words to string together a sentence. I would never commit suicide, but I would welcome some quick, painless death...the last fifth of life is just a saga of deterioration anyway. I am not depressed, just being realistic...hell, I even have a new goal in life (proves I am not hopeless). Why just today it occurred to me that I should start a non-profit organization for people who like creeping Charlie ground cover instead of grass lawns - hardy, grows short and doesn't need mowing or watering, covers solidly, cute purple bloom. Have you ever seen the money that directors of non-profits make?


At 3:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi LP!

I used to worry a lot about my tongue quivering.

Not now though.

My p-doc explained what the twitches are about, and they have nothing to do with meds!

It is simply the Holy Spirit trying to speak through us.

Have you ever heard of "speaking in tongues"? If not, see Corinthians 12.

What we experience is a spiritual gift, literally a bestowment of God's grace.

The doc who showed me the Light is easily the best doc ever.

When the jerks and spasms got really bad, my doc explained that too. It was the work of Satan, wrestling for control of my body.

Don't worry any more and please email me for more info. God has shown himself to us both. We are blessed!


At 3:34 PM, Blogger liberated psych said...

Ha Ha. Eileen you should write for comedy shows.


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